15 May, 2024

Janet: No People Like Show People

photo by @kulpy

Emotional support animal 
and new Chicago bestie. 
Let’s hear it for JANET. ULRICH. BROOKS. 
You know? In the Business of Show it certainly isn’t the career volatility, or the total artistic unpredictability that *gets us going.* And it isn’t living far from home, or the job security; and it definitely isn’t the TENS of dollars we make for the privilege of dedicating our life to art. 
 It’s all about the PEOPLE WE SHARE IT WITH.

The honor of sharing this experience with the legendary talent that is Janet Ulrich Brooks has been more than a joy— in fact there aren’t words for all it has been, and you all know I’m very rarely speechless.

To my stage Mama— 'Widda Paroo,' talent beyond, 
and now dear, 
fiercely loyal, 
infinitely reciprocal, 
unimaginably generous, 
new Friend-with-a-capital-F:
     I love you beyond.

Thank you for allowing me to love you out loud.

You’re stuck with me forever.

photo by @kulpy

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