27 March, 2009

"Plate-forme de Train"

This is what happens when you leave a group of actors alone on a train platform...

Un court-métrage.

For your enjoyment.


08 March, 2009

"follow follow follow follow..."

Forgive the absence.


1. I have a broken RIB. I blame Jeremiah James. And The Cooper. And myself. Mostly myself. No, actually, mostly Jeremiah. I completed my amazing workshop with The Cooper, and having the weakest lower back in Christendom, and having overworked it with backbends and flippy-Cooper-majigs last Friday, I decided that removing my corset for one show would aid in temporarily relieving the discomfort. I didn't count on the brute force of Mr. James' giant hands, and whilst lifting me in the prologue, a rib (#9 to be precise) was busted (and twisted! according to the Osteopath). Had I been wearing the corset, it never would've happened. It goes to show ya. So. Yes. Back to the blame: Cooper, James... and mostly me.... Anyway it has left me rather distracted. Perhaps I should ask Adam for a spare...[wink wink].

2. I am writing. And writing. Up until 5:30am kind of writing. And I cannot share it with all of you. At least not yet. This may be the case for quite a while and I apologise! But, it is gonna be worth it, my friends. My followers. And speaking of followers, this brings me to my next point....

So. I have been CHALLENGED. [play 'Rocky' theme]

Now I am not a betting woman, but what they heck?! Someone (who shall remain nameless though I would love to name and shame them because they are the same person who insinuated "Dickens of a" was a fiction) has challenged me to a followers DUEL! And this person deserves to go down in flames. [Cruella DeVil voice] FLAMES I TELL YOU!!

Would you be so kind as to become an official "follower" of my blog (scroll down the page and you will see a bar on the right hand side located below my "Labels") so that I may win this silly little bargain?

And just because I understand that in this life one can't get something for nothing, every new follower gets a SUPER DUPER TOP SECRET VERY SPECIAL GIFT from me. To you. With love. I will just need your email address.


01 March, 2009

"West End Girl"

An lovely pre-show dressing room interview with Ryan Roark. Not only does this lady have one of the best names I've ever come across, but she is a thoughtful and impassioned writer and theatre-goer.



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