28 November, 2020


Heck YES!
Some of you know this has been a challenging time for me. (Not losing sight of the fact that it has been a trial for everyone on earth during this life-altering COVID pandemic).

I’ll explain less cryptically when I am ready, but for now, know this:
It makes the timing of my beloved Alec's’s proposal this weekend extraordinarily perfect.

Insane bonus points for the bluest of blue gemstones, and refashioning this ring
from My mother's gems and the melted down gold from my Dad’s wedding band. [*weeps*] 

I had no idea, was utterly shocked, and quite truly believed love like this would not happen for me.

It goes to show that working on ourselves, remaining open (even when it’s terrifying) and allowing life to surprise you brings about the truest definition of magic I can muster. Plus, Alec and I already reeeeallly know the meaning of the phrase “in sickness and in health...”

Alec, this was the easiest YES of my life. Thank you for your access to joy, for the way you cherish, for your unconditional support, discerning mind, compassionate soul, and for being your singular, irreplaceable self. 

Yes, I will marry you.

melting down in the BEST way!


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