30 April, 2009

Ask Al: A Life in the Theatre

Hi Al,

Secondly, if you hadn’t have become an actress would you have still tried to forge a career in any other side of the theatre, such as backstage or casting director etc?

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The short answer is Yes. I say this all the time but I shall repeat it here because it is a perfect example of how I feel. I love the theatre, and acting is my contribution to the theatre.

If I had no talent for acting or singing, I would utilize my organizational side and delve in to the world of stage management. Or, I would try my visually artistic hand at design. I still intend, when I am brave and experienced enough, to direct. I have, and will continue to, teach.

I am often asked about pursuing an acting career in film and television, and though I would love to experience the thrill of a completely different medium, I explain that it is not acting that I love, but specifically, the theatre.


  1. Very interesting. I wonder if this attitude is common among performers.

  2. In my experience thus far, I don't find that to be the case...

    I have found the majority of people love the "thing" they do:

    Actors/Performers love Acting/Performing-- meaning, they want to explore all the mediums in which they can Act: screen, television, comedy, performance art, theatre, musicals, etc.

    And, sadly, sometimes they don't love it at all and love that performance can make them famous. Which is perfectly within anyone's right to desire I suppose, but I come from the mindset that notoriety should be achieved because of a person's reputation for continual excellence in their field. Fame for fame's sake is not my bag.

    ...Ahhh... remember when celebrity was a "celebration" of an exceptional person's excellence...?



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