29 May, 2006

Welcome Hannah...

I'm an Aunt!

Hannah Virginia Silber born 29 May, 2006.
7 pounds, 10 ounces. 20 inches long.

What is there to say to describe the feeling of being someone's only aunt (or uncle for that matter). And in this particular case, Jordan and Maggie both being "only children" (aside from the very obvious fact that I am Jordan's sister but that is perhaps too complicated to get into right now), I am the only Aunt or Uncle Hannah is ever going to have.

So I better be good.
I have to get her the important books. And make sure I read them to her with all the voices.
I have to make sure she goes to the theatre!
I have to be the cool aunt, the crazy aunt and the faraway aunt all at once!

But I do love that J & M are going to be able to say to people in elevators: "Yes isn't that outfit nice? It was given to us by her Aunt, she is an actress in London's West End." That is fab. Well at least it will be fab when I am employed again. Ha!

But what joy.
An Aunt.
It's forever.
And I love it.


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