01 May, 2009

I've been:

busy attempting to catch up with friends who I never get to see or talk with

trying to find a sliver of time to write here.

wallowing in exhaustion

loving daffodils in vases, fresh coffee and morning light in my kitchen

struggling to keep up

dreaming of northern michigan, british columbia, russia, los angeles...

operating under a psuedonym ("Daisy")

baking "Daisy & Portia's Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes" with Rosie (Portia)

ignoring the cleaning duties

singing out loud in un-theatrical places

contemplating my favourite three sisters

eating peanut butter straight out of the jar with a tiny baby spoon

making very. small. collages.

talking to strangers on public transportation (again)

anticipating pink heady blooms

reading and watching


wishing for lots of magic dresses

feeling a little inadequate

waiting for a comedy

working my way through my Old Classic spring clothes (with tremendous joy)

listening for the tinkly music of the ice cream truck, hoping for the ice cream man to come through our neighborhood.

thankful for the sun...

...What have you been up to?


  1. Waking up reeeaally early.

    Going running in preparation for race for life.

    Playing "Boo!" with Rory ALOT.

    Getting food - especially pasta - thrown on me.

    Tearing my hair out over the red shoes gala.

    Eating lots and lots.

    Preparing Lotte for both her violin and ballet exams.

    Enjoying hours in the garden with my fantastic books.

    Contemplating this season's hair colour (suggestions on a postcard)

    Rekindling my love of the theatre.

  2. I've been...

    Um, OBSESSED with your blog...

  3. I've been:

    - fighting a cold
    - wearing lots of stripes
    - reading old classic books out loud when no one is listening
    - sunbathing (with SPF 45!!)

  4. I've been recovering from a horrible bug

    working (an sunbathing AT work, lol)

    planning my next trip to London (as usual!)

    Planning the red shoes gala

    taking Poppy dog for walks


    missing London


    and feeling a mixture of Happiness and sadness.

  5. AnonymousMay 02, 2009

    I've been:

    - staying up too late
    - drinking too many mojitos
    - faffing (sp?) about in soho
    - attending the theatre every night this week
    - revising
    - worrying about "funds"
    - being irresponsible
    - staying up too late...



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