17 April, 2009

A Murderous Hiatus

Are there any words sadder than these:

"Jessica Fletcher will be taking a break from crime solving for now, but she will be back in a few weeks."

This seemingly innocuous phrase graced it's way in to my living room this afternoon after I had settled down post-workout with a salad and found myself perusing the TV guide, selecting "Murder, She Wrote" with glee (I even said the word "jackpot!" OUT LOUD), watching it with tremendous delight and amusement as per usual.

And then-- THEN! To hear these shattering words dispassionately articulated by the soporific voice within the television. To have my heart so unceremoniously cracked without so much as a warning! I didn't see the signs! I had not planned ahead...

Oh! BBC 2!! How can you do this to me?! It is not that you do it, it is that you did it with such callous. With such a heedless, devil-may-care attitude of terrible coldness. Diagnosis Murder has already been eliminated from the BBC1 afternoon lineup... and what. am. I. to do?

May you find greener pastures this summer, Jessica. Perhaps you are dining in Barbados with Mark Sloane.

Ah, how I always longed for a crossover. There they would be, Jessica and Mark, sipping Pina Coladas, remembering their golden days (with a gentle nudge nudge wink wink to both of their involvement in musicals and Disney films), on a jolly holiday to portobello road... How grand it would be until, of course, someone kicked the bucket! And then they would solve the crime together, side by side. With an animated penguin bobbing along beside them...

Well, wherever you are, I hope all remain alive and well... though naturally, this is just too much to hope for...


  1. The bottom of the beautiful briny sea: it's murder down there...

  2. you are amazing! x

  3. i didn't know about the cancellation and... i just cried...

  4. AMAZING. What will we DO?!!



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