06 May, 2010

Small Pleasures: A List, Part 1

1.    Colo(u)ring (ohhhh yes, grown-ups can do it, too)
2.    White, super fluffy towels
3.    Soft skin
4.    Great stories
5.    Sleeping in, then staying in your pajamas all. day.
6.    An exercise endorphin high
7.    Window boxes (preferably filled with colorful blooms and/or delicious smelling herbs)
8.    The perfect cup of coffee (often with a nice bit of foam atop it with a lovingly sprinkled cocoa design)
9.    Waking up truly rested.
10.    Singing in the shower without catching yourself out for feeling stupid (you wouldn't believe how hard it is for me to sing around the house, or in the shower, or for pleasure, simply because it is my job. It used to bring me such joy...[shocked face] Oof...that should get explored...)
11.    Finding a forgotten money in your pocket! Especially when it has been laundered and is extra crispy
12.    The sound of ferocious, pelting rain— especially against windows… especially in the morning…
13.    Your softest, most beloved, most delicious t-shirt

14.    Holding hands. A friend of mine just last week told me I was a “hand holding whore”— I informed him I never accepted payment for hand holding. I am not fickle! I simply loved to hold hands with anyone who would allow me the pleasure. I have one friend with whom my hand holding has been exceptionally satisfying. David Fetzer (of Salt Lake City) and I discovered that our hands were particularly suited to one another’s in Directing class at Interlochen in 1999. When we held hands the fit was so tremendous it was as if you could hear the hermetical seal occur! The noise of suction! The satisfaction of what truly was a perfect fit!  I believe I even made a mold of my hand for his senior gift so he could always have it. (The creepiness of that just occurred to me but at the time it was sort of sweet I suppose.) He recently surprised me at the stage door of Carousel and before we even exchanged words we held up our hands, intertwined the fingers, made the suction noise and held hands for a moment… it was utterly amazing. So. Hold hands. It’s the best.
15.    A genuine compliment (giving or receiving)
16.    Slow dancing
17.    A handwritten letter.
18.    Genuinely laughing… Hard.
19.    The movie theater rituals (including film selection, cinema popcorn, seat selection, ice lollies, and pick-n-mix not to be eaten until after the previews...)
20.    Playing hookey!
21.    A great bath
22.    Swimming for pleasure (which for me involves a great deal of face-down floating)
23.   Cheesy, uplifting films
24.  Fountain soda. I mean, a fizzy beverage is just the most refreshing and delicious thing in all the world. With heaps of ice and a colorful straw. I mean oh my word can you imagine anything else closer to beverage perfection?
25.    THAT favorite song


  1. Al, I find that there is something so utterly wonderful about all of your blog posts. You capture a moment, be they small or large, but equally as important. Rarely, I think, do people appreciate the small things in life that we should hold dearest, friends and that which shapes who we are.

    I myself received a written letter from a friend just days ago and have read it countless times since. Such a little thing, yet so significant.

    We don't talk a lot, I know. But of the many people I have ever met, I count you amongst one of the most precious.


  2. I miss you al!!

  3. YOU are such a pleasure!! x

  4. Are you still in NY, Al? I'll be there the entire month of June and would *love* to catch up! Mrs. Gaede says hi, by the way! (Remember staying up all night to study for her Russian Lit exams?)

  5. You are so fucking cool! I can say that because Zoe can't hear. She misses you and wants to hold your hand. Can Al come and play? xx

  6. One of the gals I'm working with right now gave me a coloring book and markers and ... I love it. Why take Xanax or Paxil when you can COLOR?!!!
    xo, Leslie
    *How R U? What's up? Working w Jane Noseworthy now as well.... I'll be in NYC August thru Xmas. How about you?

  7. You're phenomenal. Period. Pause for effect. Exclamation.



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