12 May, 2010

I've Been...


Couch-hopping like a pro

Enjoying a few hearty platonic sleepovers with incredible musician and friend Gabriel Kahane

Dreaming of Russia...

Singing with Ted and Chris and Santino and Victoria

Putting it all in a box. Literally.

Living in Tyne Daly's apartment. Fine.

…That was once the home of Lotte Lenya, Noel Coward and Hermione Gingold. Also fine.

Meeting with Sony

Reunitiung on Cinco de Mayo with the Interlochen Sextet

Sorting out Santino’s wardrobe once again (particularly proud am I of the S.O.S t-shirt worn on the Drama Desk Nominee gathering)

Ruling, I mean really truly, ruling, the skee ball machine at Coney Island

Pool sharking

Treated by a doctor whose every look and manner bespeaks Keanu Reeves…

Apartment hunting

Present in a room with so many celebrities it felt downright inappropriate

Running in to Chelsea Clinton’s broken leg. Oops.

Finding honesty, openness, warmth, generosity, connection and a true new friend in the beautiful Jill Paice— (to whom I owe much more than I could ever articulate here, but luckily managed the courage to express to her recently over cappuccino. Which was, incidentally, delicious...)

Staying up until 5:30 am laughing, crying and catching up with Ruthiewithaheart in our greatest ever slumber party

Stealing Dan Ackroyd’s internet. (You can thank him for this very blog publication)

In a single week, the recipient of many an ancient affectionate confession…

Obessesed with Tyne’s HBO “For Your Emmy Consideration” box set— has anyone seen all of these incredible shows? Bored to Death, Hung, Big Love, Curb Your Enthusiasm? A.ma.zing.

Planning a cabaret debut. (More to come!)

Exploring New York City.

Putting down some permanent roots. 

A Pilates PRO.

Serenaded by Mandy Patinkin. (Daaaamn….)


  1. Can I get a BOOOM?

  2. Aaaaaah! Lots of love to you both!x

  3. you don't mean auld Henshall do you?? OMG and other such extreme gay-like comments!! If so, I'm COMPLETELY in awe!!

  4. Re Ruthie: As Wishee Washee would say. WOW! Ah love her! xx

  5. i mean so much to catch up on! miss you millionsssssssss x

  6. You're phenomenal. Period. Pause for effect. Exclamation.



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