16 April, 2010

I've Been

faking it-- Operatically speaking

hanging with the Puritani Quartet in the Greenroom, 1835

getting Sophie DePalma’s score signed by Maestro Bellini himself

 (...in fact, making up an entire life for lil' miss Sophie DePalma and sharing it with you...and with Stephen Wadsworth... and with the entire company... and with Terrence himself... and... and...and...)

dining with legends

engaging in the spirit of the Terrance McNally Triptych by drinking vodka and sharing tales laaaaaate into the night with Manu and Roe— one of us from each play. Magic.

making some serious new friends.

…And enjoying my love for/of the old ones (up to and including living with Alex & Oliver, visits to DC from Alley, Maro, Santino, Steinmans, Bergen, Mannings, Jessica…)

struggling with solitude
... and with several Achilles heels

achieving incredible new understanding

discovering Honey. Roasted. Peanut. Butter (= WHOA...)

enjoying the epic beauty of the DC cherry blossoms in the most glorious and romantic way possible. "...The blossoms are just comin' down by thereselves..."

(…and, in that light, I suppose realizing I am far further along than I previously thought...)

going for long runs on the Washington Mall (Memorials Lincoln to Washington to Capitol to Vietnam and back to Kennedy… how boring…)

 feeling patriotic

making it up as I go along with Tyne


surviving with Laquita.

The Girl About Town

singing around the piano with Malcolm Getts (and Manu Narayan, and Marc Kudish…)

drinking pomegranate champagne
...with Doris Roberts

getting the last bit of it out of my system
     (…and feeling pretty damn proud/excited/great about that)

contacting all my ex-boyfriends… in a single day…

preparing for Chapter 3

eating Oliver's gorgeous, homemade, organic, locally sourced food every single flipping day! (NnnnnnDelicious!)

re-connecting with family. what a joy.

falling in totally love with every. single. cast member. of the lisbon traviata (…and weeping when they leave!)

reuniting with The Alexandra Sisters

experiencing Act 2 solitude (-- the joys and sorrows of

singing at Terrence McNally & Tom Kirdhay’s wedding. Unbelievable.

languishing in the true joy of the season: the reese's peanut butter egg. now also in mini sizes... daaaaaaamn...

Predicting other people’s pregnancies

flashing black finger nails
…and burgundy
…and red…ooo…

falling in love with trains


  1. bye bye sophie! So sad!...But it was wonderful to see you and catch up! Look forward to doing it again soon =)

  2. bye bye sophie! So sad!...But it was wonderful to see you and catch up! Look forward to doing it again soon =)

  3. do you get to keep the pencil as well as the clogs? :)

  4. Yeah congrats girl!

  5. Whatever comes next, you'll sparkle!!!

  6. drs copeland were full of praise and genuinely enjoyed every bit of it. i expected nothing less. *proud* xx

  7. Hello lady, just thought I'd drop u a wee line to tell u how much i love ur photos, it doesn't matter if it's mushrooms or shadows there so beautifully done and always brighten up day so thank you al to talented talented girl xx

  8. Go Girl Go!!! xxoo

  9. Al, you make me smile!



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