06 April, 2010

He loves and He loves...

Love. Oh Love.

Here is how it went down. (Talk about shotgun wedding...)

T&T: "So...we're getting married tomorrow morning and it would be nnnnnnnnnnnnDelish if you could join us.  We'll meet at the stage door at 10:45am and walk over to the river.  The ceremony will be brief.  No pressure...just know we'd love to have you join us.
xoxox Tom
PS Do you have a number for Tyne? We discussed the ceremony briefly but I don't know how to reach her."


Al: "OH my word I would be so honored to be there. I have to move an interview around but it is HAPPENING. So much love to you both.
“What a day what a day”
A xx"


T&T: "We'll be done by no later than 11:45am.  NO PRESSURE...we fully understand if you can't...but know we'd love to have you there if you can join us.  Tyne, Malcolm, Glover and you.

I spoke with Tyne. She's reading a sonnet.  Wanna sing snippet of a song? Any song? Geeezz...we're really throwing this together here.  Oy!


Al: "I want to sing!!!
I can't believe you are asking me to sing. Give me 10 minutes I'll come up with options and you can pick??
A capella of course just checking--- because if there was a piano... by a river.... Malcolm could totally play it... but I'm realizing it's by the river and I'll stop typing now and look for a capella songs. okay! brb"


T&T: "Yup, it's by the river so a capella. But please know there is NO pressure
(Btw the thought of Malcolm playing while you sing is a total dream.)
Going to bed now...
Love you! Xo


And so we did. We gathered at the stage door and made our way to a glorious tree on the banks of the Potomac. Tyne wore blue. She recited a sonnet and handed out flowers from our set. Glover wore a t-shirt that proclaimed Love Conquers Hate. Malcolm brought sunflowers that reminded him "of Harold and Maud." There was laughter. Tears. Here's to love.

...Musical duties were executed by Callas’ first student “victim,” Alexandra Silber. “She sang ‘He Loves, and He Loves,’” said McNally, “but don’t tell the Gershwin estate.”

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