16 January, 2008

Domestic Happenings. Episode 3: Star Wars

[At rise: Damian and Al welcome Lilly into their home as a guest. After the show one night they decide to watch a film. But which film? The choice is difficult. In fact, it takes over half an hour to decide. Until finally: ]

A: Well what about Star Wars?
L: We've all seen it like a zillion times.
A: I've never seen Star Wars, actually.
D & L: WHAT???! AL! OH MY GOD!

[...and then... the madness begins...Damian and Lilly's excitement grows exponentially in both enthusiasm and pitch. I invite you to use your imagination here, creating in your mind an exchange that might be between two teenage girls speaking of some sort of excitable teenage happening...]

L: Wait! (deep inhalation) Is that the limited edition TIN?!
D: Um, YEAH! It has both versions! And this is the one they saw in the theatres!!! NO new digital shit! 
L: Good! 'Cause ohmigod Jabba the HUT!
D: YEAH! And at the end of Jedi when they added all those new civilizations, that was such shit!
D: [sitting up, enraptured] And! and! and at the end? when they digitally added Hayden Christiansen's FACE?!!
L: [Exhalation] UHHHHHH. [Reflective moment] It's like the best sci-fi movie possibly ever.
D: TOTALLY. It started a whole new wave of... you know, The Matrix and the whole concept of "the ONE."
L: Yeah it's all the same thing.
D: Yeah... [Contentment passes over both of them. Confusion passes over me...]

A: ... Do you guys have any idea what you sound like...?


D: Cool..?

[Jury still out...]

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  1. Oh, come on, this is STAR WARS. You must worship at the alter of Star Wars. It rescued Cinema from Jane Fonda and Dustin Hoffman (well, not Dustin Hoffman), and gave it back to people like John Wayne and Perseus and Agamemnon! It was like, the transition between the 70's and the modern era. It helped get Reagan elected! (well, maybe not)...



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