05 December, 2007

Snow Day!

The revolve broke. So they cancelled the matinee.
And the screaming in celebration was phenomenal. It shook the building. The boys upstairs in 18 pounded the floors until the ceiling cracked. I think I hit a note that nearly broke the mirror. Frances danced on the spot. Tash simply fell to her knees and genuflected. Tomm and Damian blasted in to our room and we all jumped up and down in a group embrace. It was delirious, exaltative insanity.
The break from the routine.
The knowledge that something is greater than the power of the show, and it ruling our every breath and heartbeat. It was a good moment. Like a Snow Day.


  1. Yeah, I know it's tough to do the same numbers over and over. I have the greatest respect for performers like you who can do it.

  2. Hey, Zz have we met...?? you have such nice comments so I was just wondering.

  3. Alexandra, no, I'm just a nerd who saw you in "1408". I thought your couple of minutes on screen were so authentic and personal that they were setting you up as a major character. I was disappointed of course, but I hope you get another film soon so we can see more of your talent! Have a nice day...

  4. I am so pleased for you all!!! :-)

  5. I know the feeling! The sound system went into complete meltdown with our show a few weeks ago and they had to stop the show at the interval and send us home early...
    The news broke as we were all assembled on stage.
    The reactions were as if we had won the lottery, or the Olympics, or we had just taken something only prescribed for very depressed people. Absolute (as you rightly describe) insanity. One girl took all her clothes off and rolled around on the stage.
    Technical drama: I love it!
    Small pleasures eh?

  6. the image of a girl rolling around on the floor with no clothes on kinda made me explode with laughter there! How strange but at least she was happy!

  7. Hey Zz that is really great! Thanks for your support, your comments, and for taking the time to read. Maybe I will see you at a stage door someday. Al x



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