23 December, 2007

Linus Says it Best.

"That's what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown..."


  1. thanks I love that video.

    happy holidays, have a great time I'll see you in feb


  2. Truer words never spoken. I understand Charles Schultz had some reservations about having this bit in the show because it's so overtly Christian, but I think it's just right. Thanks for having the good taste to post it! Happy Christmas.

  3. Have the Very Merriest of Christmases. We think of you often, and hope the New Year brings you Great Joy.

    The kids (can I still call them that?) are all home, like Babes in Toyland. And it appears you may have found your own Wonderland.

    Smile for those days of old, live in the moment, and yearn for whatever may come next.

  4. That is my most favorite Christmas movie. I watch it everyear and that is alot of years. I sing the song at the end with the "crew" just like they do. Cracks my husband up every time.

    Your blog looks great, I will spend sometime reading all of your posts.

    Happy New Year. Be safe and healthy.



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