04 September, 2015

Announcement: San Francisco Symphony 15/16 Opening Gala!

So. Yeah.
Wowee zowee. 
To you.

You know what? When I found out about the Grammy-nomination, I was paying for a cup of coffee at a 7-11. I remember counting out the coins incorrectly and holding up a huge line because I was so discombobulated.
When I found out about this, I was...also... at a 7-11.
A different 7-11 mind you, but still.
And once again, paying for coffee.
This time, however, I dropped my phone. It actually fell out of my hands and bounced around in the air while I grappled for it like I was the victim of a bad sketch comedy.

This tells me a few things:
1. I clearly... like ...7-11
2. ...and their coffee....
3. There must be a space-time-continuum thing about The San Francisco Symphony and 7-11.
4. Not only was this such an unexpected, generous and delightful invitation, it was a stunning reminder of how incredible life can be if we are open to being reminded (often, in 7-11) that we do indeed live in an abundant universe. (Hence, 7-11 pratfall.)

Basically? NBD: I'm singing showtunes with giants.
"You’re invited to the Symphony’s biggest party of the year! Toast the start of a fantastic new season with sparkling wine, a red carpet, and enjoy an exciting Symphony concert led by Michael Tilson Thomas, featuring Grammy Award-winning stage and screen star Patrick Stewart, soprano Alexandra Silber, and renowned baritone Nathan Gunn. Then, head to the glamorous after-party with delicious treats, live music, and dancing.

Formal dinner packages that include premium seating for the concert are available by contacting the Volunteer Council at (415) 503-5500."
You should come. Here's how: tickets.

Michael Tilson Thomas, Patrick Stewart, Alexandra Silber, Nathan Gunn

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