03 September, 2015

50 Things I've Missed About London

1. Skies white as a clean sheet of paper.
2. The sight, sounds and smells of the Borough Market.
3. The diversity (37% of the population were born outside of the UK, and over 300 languages are spoken in London).
4. The accent melting-pot.
5. Nights with pals at Shoreditch House.
6. Incredibly long summer days.
7. Christmas in Covent Garden
8. Book exchanges = free books. ‘Nuff said.
9. The walk along the South Bank from Canary Wharf to Waterloo
10. The freakin' Rosetta Stone.

11. The Tate Modern (my favorite modern building in the city).
12. You can just hop on a train to Paris whenever you please because, Paris.
13. The October 16:30 light in St. James Park..
14. The view from the stage at Royal Albert Hall.
15. The Piccadilly Line (go “Team Blue”)
16. Utterly, and I mean utterly bizarre television advertisements.
17. In depth conversations with taxi drivers.
18. Leon (particularly their coleslaw, brown rice and dark chocolate brownie).
19. Really effing brilliant theatre
20. My secret back-alley walk from Angel to Islington.

21. Bea’s of Bloomsbury.
22. Profoundly, bizarre happenings.
23. Stores dedicated to single items such as umbrellas, whiskey and bicycles.
24. Oyster cards are one smooth operating system.
25. Poirot’s house.
26. The friendly blue plaques.
27. London has more green space than any other major city on earth.
28. Notting Hill Carnivale
29. And Portobello Road.
30. Someone asking for directions and actually knowing the answer.

31. Pretending to be in a video game on the DLR (don’t tell me you haven’t done it… Liar.)
32. Seven Dials (home).
33. The oh-so-familiar aisles of Foyle's Books.
34. Southbank skaters (and the kick ass graffiti on the walls).
35. Spitalfields Market.
36. You can watch a play at the Globe or a concert at the Proms for £5.
37. My beautiful London chums...
38. ...Particularly the “Anatevka contingent” Bev, Tomm, and Julie.
39. “Adventure-days” with Edward Petherbridge.

40. The world’s best bagels and curry all along Brick Lane.
41. Your commute will take you past some of the most famous landmarks in the world.
42. Trains. Everywhere trains. And I love trains.
43. Sitting in the front seat on top of the beautiful double-decker red buses.
44. Ancient, older-than-anything-I-can-comprehend buildings nuzzled up against über-modern visions.
45. The hidden gem that is Blade Rubber Stamp's in Holborn.
46. Everything that is Alexandra Palace (aka “Ali Pali”).
47. An after-show drink at the champagne bar at Kettner’s.
48. The hedonistic delights of Soho.
49. The museums are free. Most of them... FREE.
50. Walking walking walking…

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