30 July, 2015

Things I would like to try someday - a List

Ride in a hot air balloon

Spend extended time in a convent or monastery

Travel for a month completely alone

Walk and drive from the top of South American to the bottom

Live for an extended period in Venice

Drink a wine I picked, smashed, fermented and bottled myself

Spend an entire day at the cinema

Hear Lilly play the Brahms oboe concerto live

Being part of a sacred ceremony of a culture I know nothing about

Scuba diving

Snuggle with a panda

driving a vintage car in the Woodward Dream Cruise

Archery (I have a feeling I'd be really good)

Driving a motorcycle…everywhere.

Speak Italian fluently

Jump out of a plane!

Being Mayor of somewhere I love

Visit Antarctica

© hula seventy

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