16 October, 2013

How "noticey"...

So I spent the last weekend with my nieces in Corte Madera (one of the many perks to working in San Francisco is spending more time with the lovely Hannah, Madison [and now baby Charlotte!])

As we passed a Halloween owl decoration in the house, Madison (the precocious middle child with a cuddly disposition and a smile that could melt the heart of Sauron, The Grinch, Professor Snape, and probably any green-skinned monster wearing a helmet made of spikes) announced:

     "Aunt Al! Look! A Halloween owl! And you like both Halloween AND owls!"

I was floored.
My my. How "noticey" of her.

I promptly did what any sensible adult on the verge of a cuteness-diabetic-coma would do-- I responded by getting out my video camera:

     "What else does Aunt Al like?"
Supposing, naturally, that her response would be

But instead, allllll thiiiiiis came out...

Kids sure do say the darndest things... (crazy things-- like "Avant Garde" and "Danny Kaye")

[* taps arm, injects insulin*]

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