18 August, 2013

I've Been

my new "What About Bob?" shirt

Making my own cold brew coffee.

Having slumber parties!

Singing my face off (with my great teachers and coaches, and recently blessed to sing in some really fancy places...)

Driving spontaneously to the Poconos with (and skinny dipping at 1am in the Delaware...)

Checking out a lot of new places popping up in my Astorian 'hood.

Going to the Astoria Farmer's Market with El Stans!

Taking myself on a lot of "Self Dates" (like treating myself to Preservation Hall Jazz Band at The McKittrick Hotel!)

Revisiting a lot of my favorite old books.

Contemplating getting a cat. (A black cat named Rasputin, specifically...)

     Finishing my trilogy of novels!
     aaaaand putting the finishing touches on my memoir. (PHEW!)
Plus, spending a great deal of time in local haunts pretending I'm Hemingway. (Thank you to Bugatti on 34th/31stAve for the glass of Chianti on the house!)

Watching ALL of Psych. It's.... amazing....
Anna is very strict about "home tasks"

Learning Russian! (Da.) From my incredibly awesome next-door-neighbor Anna.

Speaking of neighbors, throwing a building goodbye party for Apartment #22 (they are moving to Michigan!)

Juicing! (I bought a Nutribullet... WOW...)

with some wonderful old pals, and making a lot of great new ones.

Spontaneously traveling up to the Berkshires to surprise my pal Richard Schiff in his glorious dramatization of Chaim Potok's The Chosen up at Barrington Stage.
     (Then road tripping back to NYC with him, his daughter, and Kate The Intern.)

Having major adventures with "Comrade" Kit Baker (to the fringe at the Mostly Mozart festival at Lincoln Center)

Really indulging the Audbile.com's series The Great Courses.
     Greek Mythology
     Understanding Opera
     Russian Literature

Lower East Side magic.

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  1. Al-
    I can't wait to read all your books. Fortune favors the brave!



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