10 August, 2013

"High High High" on Betty Buckley.

Ms. B's response.
So... last night, Andy Einhorn (my first ever collaborator on "London Still" The Concert, not to mention the rising star personal MD of Audra MacDonald, and of Cinderella on Broadway) and I had a SLUMBER PARTY of sorts. 

We met at the stage door post-show, bought some snacks and head up town and got REAL about life, love, the great Betty Buckley, Patriotism, and musical theatre, all very LATE into the night. 

Love Betty Buckley on Twitter and buy the 1776 Original Cast Recording.

It is never too late to stay up too late...


  1. Of all the musicals I directed, this is one of my very favorites. Ah memories!

  2. I actually think that the screen shot above says EVERYTHING...

  3. Not till November! Pippin first, then 1776. All-female version, playing January in San Jose, CA. Oh yeah.

  4. Shall you do a solo version of this show in Londinium?

  5. Absolutely love this. Thanks Alex & Andy. xo

  6. Loved that song since I first heard it! Wonderful!



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