02 May, 2012

Ask Al: On Acting

I get the odd request for my thoughts on acting.
I thought I would list a few thoughts I had here, for you to peruse at any time.

On Acting

- Yourself (you are enough...seriously. Just be.)
- The Audience (they are smart and deep enough)
- The Material (even if it is awful, there is nothing you can do to improve it, just be as truthful as you can)

2. Less is always more.

3. Always do your homework. No research or information is irrelevant.

4. Always adapt. Go with what you've got. If you lose your hair, adapt. If you move in to a different age bracket, adapt.

5. All you need to act is energy and your voice. The moment those start to go, you have to think of something else to do.

6. Stillness is everything.

7. Live truthfully on stage. That's it. No matter the genre or style or language: live your truth on stage. 

8. Pursue excellence, and success will most likely follow.

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