18 April, 2012

Making the most of "The Meanwhile"

Sometimes, you just have to get away with your very favo(u)rite people. The kind of people who remind you that a constant flow of meaningful conversations, laughter, observations and easy silences are all that is required for a marvelous day. Elizabeth ("El Stans") and I tumbled into a Red Jeep known simply as "Lucille" (as in Ball, yes, thank you for asking) early in the AM with a GPS, a rough sketch of a day in the Berks, and two hearts full of friend-love. It was so fantastic I couldn't resist another adventure with Kit ("Comrade Baker") the following weekend.

There were also gorgeous stretches of countryside, miles of endless American highways, singing in harmony to a perfectly cultivated "Roadtrip Mix," walks in the woods, waterfalls, fresh air, visual art, music, penny candies shared from the town general store, coffee, art stores, mini history lessons, nature meditations, and a few incredible meals.

Like I said, sometimes you just have to get away, and the journey doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, sometimes, the simpler the better.

Cherish your friends, Reader.
And make the most of "The Meanwhile."
Because life is The Meanwhile. 
Make it count...

the door to the lenox library; lenox, MA

I stayed alert with a "red eye"-- a drip coffee with an extra shot of espresso
our chariot: "Lucille"
serious country breakfast in millerton, ny
El Stans watching the river at Taconic State Park
Beautiful Bash Bish falls
an unexpected treasure-trove of emotions and learning at The Norman Rockwell Museum. Pictured here is his final studio in Stockbridge, Mass.
Comrade pet the bunny at the farmer's store
...the bunny...

Shaker Village

Chapin Music Hall
breathtaking country views

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  1. Friends, oh friends...

    One never knows the intrinsic quality of that noun, friends, until that one day, when one wakes up and realizes that the times of being able to constantly muse and laugh with them are gone.



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