03 October, 2011

Elementary School Crushes

Sweet baboo
Who were they?
And where are they now? 
I am not on Facebook so this investigative reporting is OLD SCHOOL.

Andrew Moylan
Andrew and I sat next to each other in both Mrs. Overmeyer's 6th grade World Cultures class, as well as one kick ass, legendary quad-table in last period Art. He was so cute. And freckly. And he got stung by a bee in the face once. I think we hung out at the local town fair and went on the "Kamikaze" twice in a row (which I only did to try to be cool). Crucially, this is the kicker: he had red hair...and you know how I feel about that...

Andrew studied Political science at University of Michigan and is now Vice President of Government Affairs at National Taxpayers Union. He is married and lives in Arlington, Virginia.
And, I am only deducing this from the internet, but I think he is.... in the Tea Party...which iiiiis deeply... a lot of adjectives I won't bother to write... But! On a lighter note is apparently an accomplished "Cross Fitter" which sounds super bad-ass. ...And, happily, he still appears to be a redhead (though wears his beard in what I would declare to be a rather controversial look commonly referred to as the "Chin Curtain" --this is a beard unaccompanied by a mustache that grows down from the sideburns and along the jawline, completely covering the chin. It was Abraham Lincoln's style which is why it is sometimes referred to as the "Lincolnic"...which sounds.... not so great...)

Josh Grant
JoshGrant (he is one of those people whose full name you felt inclined to say inonego) and I attended theatre summer day camp together in 1994-- this is before Interlochen (that is seriously going back in time...). That summer, we did Peter Pan. I played Peter Pan and JoshGrant played Captain Hook.

Later on I would (prepare yourself, this entire sentence is ridiculous)
1. go to a Orthodox Hillel Middle School performance of
2. The Sound of Music to
3. support my friend Shira from Ballet who was
4. playing the role of Max Detweiler, only to discover that
5. Josh Grant was playing Captain Von Trapp (I suppose he enjoyed playing middle school versions of sea-faring men?) and
6. The entire production was to be performed in Hebrew on
7. Groundhog Day. 

Josh is now an Ophthalmology Resident at University of South Florida.

Tavi Stutz

Tavi Stutz: AERIALIST.
Ohhhhhh Tavi Stutz. Tavi and I were in what I consider to be my first "proper" show, and you are all going to laugh because it was indeed a little ol' musical called Carousel. I know. I know. You may gasp if you wish. It was absolutely the formative experience that convinced me I wanted to pursue a life in the theatre professionally. I was twelve and played the part of Louise because I was primarily a dancer at the time, and Tavi played the Carnival Boy. Even though I was twelve it was all pretty swoon-worthy (both the theatrical experience and Tavi). It was flirty and there was a kiss and let's just say Tavi was the first person whose name ever made it onto my binder. It was pretty cute.

Tavi now? I am not joking, he is an aerialist in the circus and currently in Cirque Du Soleil. Whatever. Amazing. (Oddly I know quite a few people involved in Cirque-- who would've thunk?) Tavi had never really  danced before Carousel and I always wonder if the Dream Ballet ever influenced him?

Erik Wagenheim

A couple of weeks ago I went to the opening of Follies on Broadway. I was pleased to casually drop the following piece of trivia:

          "I really don't know this musical at all. I know the premiss and some of the songs, but mostly I'm a Follies virgin. Though, I would be totally lying if I said that I didn't close the 5th grade talent show with 'Broadway Baby.'"

Well, I did. I want to say I closed the 5th grade talent show with "Losing My Mind' but it would be a lie.  A great, funny lie, but a lie nonetheless and anyhow I was adorable with my suitcase and full-on period concept costume. (In an related note: one of the weirdest elements of it looking back is that my accompanist was actor Jonathan Hammond, whom I just recently reconnected with in New York playing opposite in Hello Again..... I mean talk about "helloooooo AGAIN," right?!)

Anyway Eric played a Smashing Pumpkins song on the guitar in that talent show and it was pretty good. I have no idea where he is now but he was always a bit of a jerk to me and I recall when I worked in a diner in High School he came in, didn't remember me, was sort of rude and the Greek girls I worked with insisted they spike his food with mischief and I let them. I'm sure he's a perfectly nice adult.

...What about you?


  1. Oh, I have to comment because I totally remember most of these people.

    1) I was in that production of Peter Pan (I played Noodler the pirate) and vaguely remember having a crush on Josh Grant although I can't remember what he looked like or anything else about him. However, my first really major crush was when I was in 5th grade and playing the White Witch's dwarf in Narnia at the First Presbyterian Church in Birmingham. I was madly in love with the guy who played Aslan (whose name I do not now remember) who was 18 and I'm sure never noticed I was alive.

    2) I was really really jealous of you in that 5th grade talent show because I tried out for an act and didn't get one and they made me dress up as a mime and tell jokes between the acts.

    3) The Wagenheims lived behind us and Erik was totally a jerk. They used to cut through our backyard on the way to school which they were not supposed to do, and I believe at one point he and his brother(s?) shot a BB gun through our back window.

  2. This is my favourite part:

    "I think he is.... in the Tea Party...which is deeply... a lot of adjectives I won't bother to write..."

    I actually LAUGHED OUT LOUD. Not in the "lol" sense, in the I actually said "BAH" out loud sense.

  3. i sympathize! one of my middle/high school crushes posted pictures of a tea party rally on facebook... not long before he unfriended me and all of his other left-leaning friends, presumably because of our socialist status updates.



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