27 September, 2011

Things I love about...Part 1

Just a few things that I love about . . .

- don’t get between my mom and a power tool
- if I didn't have Mom, I would need a personal assistant, tailor, personal shopper, therapist, home decorator, handy-man and General Practitioner.
- she is just, genuinely, fun, smart, deep and amazing, and if I met her in real life I would be desperate for her to be my best friend.
- one time, when I had a migraine, she ran me a bath and to distract me, read me the entire package of Epsom Salts with total sincerity and in quiet, soothing "migraine voice" to boot -- (e.g: "...so as you can see Al, not only is this bag suitable for migraines, constipation, and fertilizer, but if you have any questions about what I've just read to you, all you have to do is call 1-800-777-3415 in what looks like Indianapolis, and they can answer your questions between 8-8 Eastern Standard Time...").
- Catherine with a "C", like "The Great"? That is where it is at...

- how her shoes match always match her handbag (and not in the euphemistic way)
- she reads books. like me.
- is a "cat lady" too...
- has some absolutely world-class legs people. Let. Me. Tell. You.
- which is probably why she loves shoes as passionately as she does (her soon-to-be-husband even proposed to her with shoes... now that's a man who knows his lady!)
- she is scary smart.
- and understanding.
- and possesses the perfect balance of self-awareness, honesty, humility and pride in herself to be one of the most self-possessed and loving people I know.

- she possesses un.wav.er.ing love for her friends and family and has no problems showing it.
- our mutual love of the west wing
- that she says I am “with the words”
- she gets all my British postand isn't annoyed by that one bit.
- Is famous for exclaiming "OH AL!" when I do something characteristically ridiculous, or fabulous, or any combination thereof.
- Named her child DAISY. Because she "liked it!"
- is so brave
- and together
- and I am not exaggerating one bit when I tell you that Tasha Sheridan literally, in every sense of the word, saved my life. That's a friend.

- some of the greatest restaurants in the city (beer gardens galore, brick café, bareburger, ovelia, Queens Kickshaw, Greek food galore, and café after café...)
- you can walk everywhere, to anything
- incredible vintage clothing
- real people (no hipsters, no overly trendy new yorkers, just real-ass people and yes a couple of actors too but those are "my people" after all)
- kaufman astoria studios and cinema
- the museum of the moving image (there is currently a Jim Henson exhibit-- go!)
- The East River and all it brings: the astoria farmers market, outdoor river yoga, the gorgeous Socrates sculpture park, movie screenings, and the riverfront trolly...
- I mean, Why Leave Astoria? (.com...) Ever?

- that °°mlaut over the "e" is just... *so* awesome
- her gorgeous and adorable northern irish accent
- she has the most beautiful skin on planet EARTH (with NO pores— I have no idea how her skin breathes…)
- her nickname is Poe (pronounced "Po") and I don't even recall how that started
- there is nothing like watching a person grow into themselves, into their femininity, abilities, thoughts, and dreams. Zoë has the courage to do all that and then-some. I've loved cheering her on.
- I have hugged her in more cities across the world than any other friend.

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