07 September, 2011

Things I love about Michigan

I'm going back today-- "far away from haaaarm. With a milk pail on my arrrrrrm...." Here are just a few things I love about The Glove.


Most people have a built-in Michigan map. (have you taught James Earl Jones the "Glove Love" handshake...? Um... because I have. He loved it. HE GLOVE LOVED IT...)

Michigan is the cradle of the Industrial Revolution!

The 'Motown Sound' and the 'Motown Era' are major landmarks in musical history.

Michigan celebrates Fat Tuesday with jelly doughnuts (aka Paczki)

I need everyone to just breathe: Big Beaver Road. Believe it.

Toll free expressways

The "Michigan U" turn--this is a right turn onto a boulevard followed by an immediate u-turn at the next available crossover. (This keeps traffic from backing up at intersections with boulevards.)

"Euchre." What the hell is that you ask? Well that is a card game which is popular in Michigan and seemingly, no where else. (Oh alright, perhaps parts of Ohio. Fine.)

U-pick blueberries
U-pick peaches
U-pick apples
Mushroom hunting!
Roadside stands for fruits and veggies.
and, of course,
Cherries (Traverse City is The Cherry Capitol of The World doncha know!)

The Whistle Stop
Greek Islands
Max and Erma's

Michigan Products:
Better Made Potato Chips
Michigan maple syrup
Kilwin’s Ice Cream and Fudge: Look. They make their own waffle cones (need I say more?) which are definitely the best I’ve had. Kilwin's waffle cone with Mackinaw Island Fudge ice cream? ...You can then die.
Sander's Hot Fudge.... ohmygoodnessgoogleitrightnow

The Detroit Zoo (especially the breath-taking butterfly exhibit)
Cranbrook's Greek Theatre, Planetarium, and institute for the arts. Heaven.
of course - Interlochen Center for the Arts
The Henry Ford Museum
and Greenfield Village
The Detroit Institute of Arts - voted the most "visitor friendly" Museum in. the. country. Wow! Go.
The Franklin Cider Mill

Special Places:
Two words: Mackinac Island (If you seek it, you can still find the original quaint and old-world charm of beautiful Mackinac Island - especially if you stay overnight.)
and Mackinac Island fudge
Taquamenon Falls (a.k.a. "Root Beer Falls).
The Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes

Breathtaking nature and beauty throughout the state.
Lakes. So many lakes (and the whole lake culture *thing.* )...
Lots of camping and places for outdoor activities.
Unbelieveable clouds, almost every day.
Michigan has more lighthouses along its shorelines than any other state!
Sunsets you will never forget...

And I think this says it best. So say Yes to Michigan!


  1. MGM Musicals taught me lots, but nothing stuck quite like my Michigan-wish-and-wish-againing.

  2. The door's always open, and I have a zoo pass, so get travelin'...

  3. Franklin Cider Mill all the way. Yum!

  4. This is the best. I love all of these things and you.

  5. This post reminded me off all the goodness in Michigan! I miss Olga's and the DIA! Wonderful post!

  6. Michigan has more miles shoreline than ANY OTHER STATE IN THE US except for Alaska. This includes California, Florida, and Hawaii!! GLOVE LOVE!



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