02 February, 2011

I've Been

having one crazy-ass January.

traveling to Saltspring Island off the coast of British Columbia

...and working with my absolute artistic idol and realizing that one of the many miraculous things about growing into yourself is when you face your idol and realize that that equally respect you. 

making peace with her.

     and him.

          and London. 

Saltpring Island from the sky
reprising my cabaret at Feinstein's and the Catalina Club in LA!

having 3 hour deep and meaningfuls with Jason Alexander over Greek food

walking along the Pacific coast with my mom. There is no place like home.

at the LA Ovation awards with London pal and fellow nominee Lara Pulver, then finishing off the night with a cheeky Burger King drive thru in which we both get salad.

London: no longer complicated
bonding with "the Noriega side."

singing with Lance Horne at in The American Songbook Series at Lincoln Center's Allen Roomwith the glitsiest of the glitsy.

standing up for, and respecting myself in my relationships.

making nice with the airports of the world. 

inheriting all of my mom's best clothes. (Score!)

bonding with fellow "Westenders" Paul Spicer and Julie Atherton.

meeting Rebecca Luker and kiiiiind of dying.

coping with the delights of a several intense snow storm dramas

Graduating. x

making new friends!

joining Actor's Equity..... it was.... underwhelming...

truly beginning my New York mindset,
          and life.

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