23 February, 2011

The Gezentites

Because sometimes.... sometimes it just gets very very real....

Here, is the fictional vinyl of the not-so-famous-actually-totally-false-40s-trio-brilliantly-invented-by-Michael-John-LaChiusa, The Gezentites



As Blake Daniel, Rachel Bay Jones and myself have been rehearsing this incredible little classic 1940s trio (something akin to the style of The Andrews Sisters) featured in Scene 2 (with The Soldier and The Nurse, played by Max von Essen and Elizabeth Stanley)-- well... well all I can say is that it was love at first croon. 

The three of us sat before music stands with our hands in our heads-- (I believe there was a conversation with Blake which included the phrase "is this a bad time to mention I don't read music..?") --concerned we might never get the notes perfected, we persevered. We succeeded. We were choreographed
And... well... the rest is history. 
And as terriblyseriousartists, we realized it was essential that we come up with a name for our group.

After a genius naming swoop (courtesy of group member Blake Daniel) suggested we call ourselves The Gezentites, we were hooked, but Rachel's inspired discovery of appropriately whimsical tissues? My personal affinity for wasting perfectly good evenings on Photoshop? Well, that kind of extra-curricular work seals deals people. 
It was official.
It was love.
We're taking The Gezentites on the road

So. This fake album features such artificial hits (there are apparently 20) as "Kleenext to me," "Snot You It's Me" and the title track, "Back Achoo" as well as their most famous 40 bars ever performed in public "Zei Gezent: Be Well and Happy..."
 ...and listen: basically, if you want to be on the inside of this inside joke... 
you'll just have to come to the show
[*she motionlessly stares at you through the computer screen with total seriousness*]
     ...Won't you...? 
[*the stare is both intoxicating-ly intriguing and fairly disturbing*] 
                ...won't you...?

But, in the meanwhile reader, enjoy my irreverent Photoshopping, and do "Zei Gezent: be well and happy..."

Rachel Bay Jones, Blake Daniel and Alexandra Silber have been singing in 3 part harmony for 2 weeks...


  1. ‎..............i may *seem* cool. but. that... is a fallacy....

  2. No, I actually want this album. On vinyl.

  3. I'm in love with you.

  4. Rachel: the feeling is mutual and I suggest we turn our dressing room into a love nest.

  5. Done. What's "Love Nest" in German?

  6. We're a hit! *pumping choreography*

  7. Wow- I haven't even been gone for 12 hours, and you're already up to such shenanigans. Love it. Plink.

  8. high-larious

  9. OK, who put this together??

  10. Great album, but I prefer their Broadway tribute, "The Mucus That Makes Me Dance." ("Anyone Can Sniffle" is just heartbreaking.)

  11. who put this together?? WHY ME. With too much time on my hands... because though I may appear to be terribly popular and cool, as noted above, that is a fallacy...

  12. I see we share a passion for Photoshop! Excellent job. Where did you get the line art?



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