12 February, 2010

Portrait of a Friend: An Introduction

I love my friends. I love who they are, how they live in the world, what they create.

But if I were to begin making a list, I would be here all night.

So in an interest of glorifying these deserving others, and as an exercise in gratitude, I will attempt to properly articulate/paint/sketch those whom I adore— for me, for them, for you. It will be a chance to share with you the people that truly adorn my, as well as many others’ lives, with snatches of glory.

These are people whom I respect, enjoy, delight in. They are those who have been there for moments of triumph and joy, and more importantly when things were the worst kind of ugly. They are people who picked me up when I was trying to stand. Or distracted me from the abyss of my despair. They witnessed moment of horrific human wretchedness and despite pain’s repulsive glare they looked me and it straight in the face and continued to love me regardless.

These people are not infinite, but their gifts to me are. These characters are unique, sensational, and individually glittering, like handmade extravagantly detailed and colorful ornaments on the Christmas tree that is my life.

You have seen their names mentioned here before, you know who some of them are, and to some extent I have already done this with Frances and Ruthie. But I have decided that mere mentions are not enough. I am beginning a new serial here on London Still, another little addition to such familiars as “Ask Al,” “I’ve been” and “I like to make lists.” I will share with you these people as I see them, as love sees them, in moments when these people deserve or need to be glorified. Or reminded.

So without further ado, here is the first official “Portrait of a Friend.”


  1. Great idea Al. Love appreciation.

  2. thanks!

    I realized that i needed to remind myself of how fortunate I was to have so many beautiful, worthy, incredible, generous, and amazing friends.

    This exercise is intended as not only a gift to them, but for the world to get a glimpse of how I see these beautiful people, as well as for me-- to recognize and go through the act of articulating my appreciation for true friendship.

    I recommend it to everyone xx



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