25 July, 2009

Gratitudes 27-50

27. Thunder & Lightning
28. Lazy days with duvets and books
29. Toast (mmmmmm....)
30. Peanut butter
31. Jam (Of the insert-the-berry-here variety)
32. Cheese
33. Good conversation
34. Fresh fruit
35. Michigan
36. Beautiful snow
37. Clouds
39. David & Robin
40. Louise, for finding and believing...
41. Merrily We Roll Along for the moment I knew...
42. Liz, Kate, Anne, Susan, and Rosie, and for that matter all those who taught me things the hard way...
43. The book
44. My students
45. My teachers (sometimes the same people...)
46. Candles
47. Hodel
48. David, Stephen, Stephen, Simon, Sonia, Trevor, Andrew and Kennedy for changing my life...
49. Ruthie
50. The miracle of water...


  1. Yes some wonderful ones in here! Looking forward to the next ones on your list.

  2. AnonymousJuly 26, 2009

    as one of your former students I am grateful for you too al. You have taught me so much, and are THAT teacher to me, the one I will always remember.

  3. Love the photo..
    Is it one of yours?

  4. thank you all!

    PS) No photo not mine, from an AMAZING site called weheartit: http://weheartit.com/

  5. PPS) Writing down our gratitudes is supposedly one of the best ways to retrain our minds to think positively and stop the negative self talk ticker tape in our mind! I try to write down 5 a day at the moment... :) Try it!



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