02 April, 2008

Re: Werewolf

So an update.

1. The scene changed. The werewolf didn't burst through the ceiling. He entered like anyone else to a masquarade ball, and moved through a crowded room while onlookers thought he had the best costume of the evening (of course). Then he bit off someone's head and the crowd caught on... and the rest was pretty much the same.

2. I didn't get it. It went to an "English Rose," which in I do believe in Hollywoodspeak means thinner and blonder than you... (Why didn't they just ask me to be "as blonde as possible?")

Perhaps it's... for the best...


  1. erm no sorry ...."english rose" means a blonde haired, hoity toity, high heeled and polka dot shirted, squeaky voiced anomaly.

    *excuse me while im sick!*

    It did sound like a very innnteressting part though!

  2. why didnt they just say "act like keira knightly" you would have hit THAT out of the park!!!!

  3. Hey, just keep plugging away at it. You'll find a part that you absolutely love and they'll recognize how great you are for it!

  4. Oh man, I'm going to have to print this out and frame it....
    ...ugh, blondes :)

  5. Next time darling, take a gun with a silver bullet in it and shoot the director. xx

  6. I'm with Grae. Fabulous name by the way. So many dipthongs.

    Love you x

  7. You are gold Al.xxxx

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