17 March, 2006

Condensed Film Scripts: The Last Samurai

In case any of you missed this uh, AWESOME film, I thought I would save you the trouble of having to endure it. Life is too short. (This might have to made a serial...)

The Last Samurai

MAN: Please go to Japan and show them your awesome ways!
[wields sword with awesomeness]

TOM CRUISE: I will be better than all the stupid Japanese Samurai 'cos I am awesome.

SAMURAI: You fight so awesomely well that we will train you to be the best Samurai!

TOM CRUISE: Yes, I am that friggin' awesome.


TOM CRUISE: I have become the best Samurai ever, and am totally more Samurai than the rest.

GIRL: I love you whitey Samurai.

The End.


  1. more films condensed please... perhaps you should work on the best superhero movie ever... spiderman 3...

  2. hahahahahahHHAHAHAHAHA. i've actually seen it, and that is a very apt description.

  3. Very apt Ms.Silber- Last Samarai is, how do they say is Glasgow,'Pish'.



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