20 October, 2019

I Wish: The Roles that Could've Been

Dear Friends.

I have started a concert series, and it is a miracle of hope and celebratory energy.
"I Wish: The Roles that Could've Been" is a chance for performers to live out their dreams-- the roles that passed them by, the roles that never will be, but TONIGHT: here we are.
Playing the role in living color at Broadway's supper club, 54 Below.

The first concert was an impromptu endeavor on June 2, the week before the Tony Awards. It was such a huge success that 54 Below agreed to make it a serial.

Behold the opening number (with lyrics co-written by genius, Brian Nash):

Once Upon a Time … 
I wish
In a far off kingdom
 more than HANNIGAN
More than THE LIFE
of Metro Detroit… 
More than TupTim
Lived a young maiden 
More than THE LIFE
With totally delusional casting dreams 
MORE THAN EPONINE! More than TiMoune!
I wish to play Mama Rose and Scar
I wish to play Mama Rose and Scar
George Serat!

The guests are gifted.
The evening is pure positivity and light.
It feels like a great big celebration of actualized possibilities.
A party.
A catharsis.

The wonderful October cast
my incredible producer Jen Sandler!
To view the ever-expanding playlist (all captured by Famous in NY) click here

In action!

As I say at the conclusion of the concert:

Octavia Spencer was told she was weird-looking and “not for Hollywood.” Suck it haters: she now has an Oscar.

Samuel L. Jackson recovered from a crippling addiction to cocaine and heroin before landing Pulp Fiction at 46.

And even though Angela Lansbury was nominated for an Oscar at 18, a Goldwyn girl, a movie and gigantic Broadway star, she wasn’t a household name until she starred on Murder, She Wrote which she began at the age of 60.

Not to mention Ariana Huffington starting The Huffington post at age 54.

Or Charles Darwin, who was 50 years old before he published On the Origin of the Species in 1859.

Or Julia Child who published her first cookbook at 39; and made her television debut at age 51.

PROOF that dreams DO happen, and it is never too late for ANYTHING

Tonight you have watched people live their dreams, and I hope YOU remember why you are pursuing YOURS.

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