11 March, 2018


Dear Friend(s), 

In keeping with my one-party-per-month goal for 2018, you are cordially invited to a LETTER WRTING PARTY! That’s *write*—snacks, catching up, adult beverages, and all the fixings for writing beautiful letters to friends, lovahs, your mom, or your senator! 

There will be lovely stationary, pretty pens, and stamps provided, along with food and drink. At the end of the festivities, I will pop them in the mailbox! 

WHO: You, me, us (and Tatiana, of course) 
WHAT: Episto-party extraordinaire 
WHEN: Sunday, March 11, from 4pm-whenever 
WHERE: My house!
WHY: Because there is nothing better than getting an an actual letter in the actual mail. :)

RSVP so I can stock up on stamps 

See you soon, letter-writers, 

Al xo

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