01 June, 2017

I've Been: Spring 2017

Visiting beautiful San Francisco Bay Area:

     - Enjoying my (self-appointed) title of 'Aunt of the Year!'

     - Muir Woods

     - Bowling

     - bearing witness to my eldest niece Hannah’s 11th birthday party (my first birthday party as 'Aunt Al'). There were many emotions. 

- Building a freakin DOLL HOUSE with Jordan that almost made us divorce as siblings... (I genuinely can't believe people stay married after this family activity) but we DID IT!!!

     - Spending an entire day alone in San Francisco, visiting all my
old "spots" and discovering new ones before...

     - ...Having lunch and endless, not-kidding around real-talk with my "brother" Michael Luwoye, currently playing Alexander Hamilton himself in the California touring production.

     - Taking my family to see HAMILTON

     - Seeing #FiddlerFam Andrew and Jacob!

     - Coloring

     - Challenging my brother, Jordan to a pool war, henceforth known as 'Swan V. Unicorn'

- Healing

- Shaving my head for the final time

- Hit once again with auto-immune flares, new chocking health trials, and, as always, learning learning learning.

    A Dolls House Part 2
    The Price
    Pace 2017 Showcase
    The Sojourners & Her Portmanteau
    Groundhog Day
    The Lightning Thief

    The Universe is not What it Seem Roberto Cavelli
    Don Quixote
    The Obstacle is the Way


- Becoming a face of the incredible TODAY TIX campaign! Holy moly.

- Standing agape at #NotMyPresident Trump

- Participating in the Jewish Book Council 

- Drama League Awards luncheon with 'Hub' Adam Kantor and sisters Samantha and Melanie!

- Getting a new microwave


- Placing the old microwave (that I found on the street in Astoria, 2010) back on the street, still working. It served me valiantly. I placed it on the curb and sang "Til We Reach That Day" with NO MARKING.
     - Fighting a Mount Sinai battle (forever known as the "Impossible Dream")
     - Getting Infusions #1, 2 and 3
     - Feeling well on a cellular level

Hannah's 11th birthday present: a night at the Orpheum with 'Aunt Al'

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