13 March, 2015

The Seagull

Well, reader?
My beautiful babies killed it again.
They made us laugh and broke our hearts and exposed their gorgeous, purple souls with piercing clarity and the microscopic skill it takes to pull off Chekhov. 
And with their work ethic, passion and enthusiasm they seared us to the core with a crushingly difficult as well as (what I consider to be) the world's most beautiful play.

Am I one proud teacher? DA.

"And now I know, Kostya. In our profession--acting or writing it makes no difference-- the main thing isn't being famous. It's not the sound of the applause. It isn't everything I dreamed it was. The main things is to keep on going no matter what happens. You have to keep on believing. I believe and it helps. And now? When I think of my profession I am not afraid of life..."

"I'm in mourning for my life..." - Masha
"Everyone is against me" - Irina Arkadina
"How easy it is, Doctor, to be a poet on paper, 
and how difficult in real life..." - Konstantin Treplev
"Or something, or something, or something..." - Pyotor Sorin
"Women need so little, Kostya. 
Believe me I would know..." - Paulina
"Why do you always wear black...?" - Semyon Medvedenko

"...I have to write. I have to..." - Boris Trigorin

"Bravoooooo Silvaaaaaaaa..." - Shamrayev

"Now when I think about my vocation, 
I am not afraid of life..." - Nina Zarechnaya

"All this love..." - Dr. Dorn

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