04 March, 2014

Getting a "Look"

Remember when Maria Callas told Sophie DePalma to "get a look?"
Well she was right. 
We all need a look. (Some of us more than others *hint hint* Miss Sophie DePalma)

That is why I was both honored and relieved to have the great George Brescia of "George B Style" @GeorgeBStyle helping me to find the swan beneath the layers of my everyday duckling. The "boho-chic" duckling. The sometimes insecure " grad-student-buried-beneath-a-headscarf-and-a-bulky-cardigan-or-three" duckling.

Onwards and upwards little duckling.
Onwards in clothes that fit.

George obviously has impeccable taste, and he is always on the lookout for big new talent, which he has more than found in Dee Hutton Style.

Their brand statement is preeeeetty rad:

"DEE HUTTON is a designer collection for women that honors the old world craftsmanship and intimate customer experience of sumptuous atelier salons. Offering clothing for the current season in a variety of colors and fabrics, and delivered to customers within weeks, DEE HUTTON provides a contemporary model of luxury made-to-order for a new generation of style-setters. Separates, cocktail dresses, and evening gowns will be constructed using the finest fabrics, embroideries, and skins sourced from around the world. (...) Available by showroom appointment and at trunk shows nationwide, DEE HUTTON is produced entirely in New York City"

DEE HUTTON just launched this past October, and they're coming out with their second collection in a few weeks- you definitely check them out. I love them. Plus, they are located across Union Square from my theatre (the Vineyard) on 17th Street & Broadway. Visit deehutton.com to see their full line and book an appointment to visit the showroom.

Because Dee Hutton is a modern made to order designer collection of gowns, dresses and separates.
Because clients (like me!) can collaborate and customize their selection in a myriad of colors and fabrics.
Because they happily entertain slight design modifications (such as: adding a sleeve, changing the length, color, etc) which makes each item unique to every owner (for example, [after I wiped the gobsmacked drool off of the sample I tried on] I designed this jumpsuit with them!)

Ta daaaaaa!

Opening Night of Arlington at the Vineyard Theatre! 

[:: : confetti : ::]

©Walter McBride for Broadwayworld.com
Kapow! This is the 'James' Jumpsuit (aptly named because Dee Hutton wants you to feel like a Bond Girl), which I love this piece because it looks like a gown...but IT IS NOT. It is a sexy jumpsuit. With elegant flowy trousers so you can fight the bad guys. Or claw your way to the hor d'oeuvres. Or both.

But even the best outfit isn't complete without the perfectly crafted accessory, and a face would look scathingly naked without the wonders of beauty enhancement, not to mention the Price-Phillip-hacking-away-in-the-jungle-of-briars fortitude of a woman brave and talented enough to whip this head of hair into Glamazon glory.

 So. This getting of a "look" wouldn't be complete without 
...the evocative jewelry of Vincent Peach (@VincentPeach)
...the alchemical wizardry of Amanda Thesen and her 'Love Your Look' makeup genius (@Love_Your_Face_)
...and the 'hairy godmother' JT Franchuk (@jenytamera). 
-- all of these mediums are art, dear readers, and I was one lucky lady. 

©Walter McBride for Broadwayworld.com

©Walter McBride for Broadwayworld.com


  1. absolutely gorgeous! true Old Hollywood glamor.

  2. You looked stunning in our Diamond Leaf Earrings - thank you!!!

  3. What a great "Look"! Congrats on the show darling !

  4. thaste.
    2. Between your hair and Amy Adams' hair in 'American Hustle', my hair is going to spend the week eating ice cream and sulking in jealousy.
    3. It seems clear that I must own the Elle gown immediately. IMMEDIATELY.



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