25 November, 2013

The Coulson 'Cats' Wedding

Soooooooooo this is hard to explain.

But one time, Christian Coulson and I concocted a plan in which we would marry one another for our respective citizenships.We weren't (entirely) serious. But it was very fun to plan our ridiculous fake nuptials, which we decided would be a Cats themed affair. And no-- not the animal. The musical. After saying "I do" we would exit on a giant tire. (Or, as Mr. and Mrs. British Coulson would spell it: tyre.)

Yes: people would be required to dress in unitards.
Yes: there would be garbage.
Yes: there would be karaoke "Memory."
It would be epic.

As time went on we both got our visas... ya know, legally, so our wedding was off.

... But whenever one of us came across an immigration article or related update, we would send it along to the other with no message... just an image from the musical sensation.

Because friends let friends entertain the possibility of marrying them for a visa, and not only that, but plan a fake Cats wedding, and continue the Cats dream long after the wedding was off.

The fake Cats wedding: NOW... AND FOREVER...

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