22 May, 2013

She Loves Me Conversations

Fun little interview with Ted Sperling and Paul Rosenblum of Caramoor Music Festival about the upcoming 50th Anniversary concert production of She Loves Me with an unbelievable cast.

Georg - Santino Fontana
Amalia - Alexandra Silber
Ilona - Montego Glover
Kodaly - Ryan Silverman
Mr. Maraczek - John Cullum
Arpad - Etai Benshlomo
Sipos - Brad Oscar

See you June 22-23!


  1. AH! I love what you said about the fact that the two "others" find each other! It was so moving and you could even see in your face how much you believed it. Also you sound fabulous at the end!

  2. AnonymousJune 02, 2013

    I cannot WAIT.



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