13 February, 2013

Ask Al: The Avant-Garde

Did I tell you guys I was teaching the good children of the future at Pace University?
Well I am.
I am now Professor Silber.
Like... there are pieces of paper, official looking pieces of paper with THAT EXACT MONIKER on the top of the page.
"Prof. Silbs" if you will (and I know you will...)

You know what happens when you have to travel for work in the winter?
     There is inevitably a  blizzard.
And you know what happens when there is a blizzard?
     They cancel all the flights back East.
And thus, you cannot TEACH THE CHILDREN.
For [*War Movie Voice*] ...you cannot get to them.

In the middle of the desert.
With nothing to comfort you but the sunshine.
And a hot tub.

But does that stop Al Silbs? Why NO.
Because Al Silbs makes her class a VIDEO.
With her iPhone.
and THAT is how you handle being stranded! ReSULT!

Welcome to the [*alienating lighting shift*] THE AVANT-GARDE. [*aaaaand BLACKOUT*]

Enjoy good students of Pace University.
And enjoy, ye readers of London Still.

PS) Feel free to do the homework in the comments if you like!

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