30 September, 2012

I've Been...

visiting the oboe doctor with Lilly

driving to Philadelphia

seeing Max kill it as Che in Evita

turning 29

socializing my FACE off

going La Ronde "again"

going to the circus...

hearing lots of live music
       and performance art (like Orchestra 360 from the NY Phil)

spending quality time with true friends
and skyping with far away ones

opening up

falling in love with my f'usband Will Reynolds
and Philadelphia

Making friends and doing stuff

Seeing Newsies ...in the second row. Like a fangirl. 

falling in looooooove (with an actual clown...)
North American Premier of Love Story

Really gettin' into the City of Brotherly Love
Cheese-steak showdown

Reading  like a crazy library lady
  •      The Marriage Plot
  •      The Tipping Point
  •      Assassination Vacation
  •      Cloud Atlas

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