21 February, 2012

SHOWMANCE! - An Introduction

Well hello there Playbill and London Still readers, remember me? I'm Al(exandra) Silber (you might know my on-stage self from Hello Again, Master Class, or London's Carousel) and I'm baaaaaaack... (after such a fun stint taking you through the ins and outs of MTC's Master Class last summer, how could I resist a return?)

This time, I come bearing new kinds of gifts! No, smart kid in the back, not frankincense and myrrh, but a new kind of peak inside the lives of those in the theatre. In a world where artists make instantaneous, inexplicably close friendships, romances and collaborations that last a lifetime... I bring you...




 Hear me out: people in the theatre bond in a very unique and meaningful way-- which is, frankly, ineffable. And while one can't always describe the hows or the whys of these magical happenings, one certainly can agree that they most certainly do happen. They deserve to be explored! Not all "Showmances" are focused on Broadway lovebirds; Showmance casts a wider net, featuring various kinds of friendships and bonds that tie theatre folk together.  This could include strong friendships made during a show or in training, family connections or especially tight ensembles.

Showmance is a [fun--yes, amusing--yes, colorful--yesyesyes, but also a very fresh] way to document some of Broadway's best, across generations and styles and ages and talents. It is an unconventional structure for something important: a  new way of chronicling the ever-changing world of theatre Itself.

If you are reading this, then welcome: you are at the forefront!
Join me, and allow Broadway to Showmance you...



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