31 March, 2012

I've Been...

Broadway-Midwestern a trois!

- Evita Opening Night-ing with Jill Paice and Elizabeth Stanley

- Throwing (so many!) parties at The Winter Palace

- ...and really feeling the bliss of welcoming people into my home, a pleasure I have never previously indulged in. 
     Winter Palace gatherings such as
a proper Robert Burns Night (with real life Scottish friends visiting from across the globe),


- DIY (building a closet, frames, bathroom, bookshelves)

- serious quality time with Mama Silbs

- recovering from pneumonia

- Love Loss and What I Wore -ing

- seeing Macbeth at The Met!


- watching a lifetime supply of MURDER, SHE WROTE

- Healing

- debuting my latest cabaret offering, "Ex Libris" at Feinstein's

- auditioning my FACE off

- Writing (finishing a very important project...)

- driving to the Berkshires (twice!)

Seeing some *amazing* performances:
- The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler
- Carnegie Hall (Mavericks, Stravinsky)
- Merrily We Roll Along

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