13 December, 2011

In My Life: Bronner's Christmas Wonderland

Frankenmuth, Michigan (part of Road Trip 2011 with Lance Horne)
July, 2010


  1. I grew up in Novi, MI and traveling to Frakenmuth and visiting the Christmas Store along the way around the holidays is probably something that every man, woman and child should do before they die.

  2. Britski: Not gonna lie, when Lance and I road-trip from New York to Traverse City last JULY we stopped in Frankenmuth out of Side-show-esque curiosity. Obviously Bronner's was Frankenmuth CENTRAL and when we entered we entered prepared to be frightened (exactly @AK-- scary.) Anyway, as we walked up and down the ENTIRE 14 mile store, browsing each section, carefully being drawn in, we slowly discovered that we WERE in fact totally won over. WE FOUND THE "WONDER" in the Bronner's Christmas "WONDER-LAND!!"

    By the time we left we had not only spent over $100, we were totally overwhelmed by how...oddly *moving* and wholesome and utterly well-meaning and lovely the journey was.

    Bronner's sure showed US!

  3. Glad that you found it! It's probably the best Christmas store I have ever been in, and like many other things in Michigan, in the center of somewhere "scary." hah

    As a Michigander I'm assuming you have also been to Mackinac Island? If not, it's another one of Michigan's many beautiful wonders. The fudge there is to die for too...just saying.



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