15 November, 2011

Things I love about... Part 2: New Gal-Pals

New Friends!

- she is the 'el stans' to my 'al silbs' and that is pretty damn adorable if you ask me (and you are)
- we are like a Midwestern blonde/brunette team of pure *awesome*
- we do fun things together: like go to the farmers market, have "kamikaze-scary-early-morning-coffee," and late night impromptu wine. Fabulous.
- there is nothing we can't talk about
- Taxi Time! ["Luuuuuucy 'splain" I hear you say...] We bonded taking taxis home to Astoria together during late-night (5pm-2am!!) crazy tech for Hello Again. Hellooooo! And thus, "Taxi Time" was born.
- she has the kind of adorable speaking voice you can do really great impressions of [see 'nikka,' below]
- so deep. so smart. always searching and growing.
- she cries when you tell her good stories.

- she also lives in astoria (how do you like them apples?!)
- she is a do-er
- she makes me feel like I am some sort of Life Rockstar... which is pretty awesome, especially when we all have our doubts--don't you love pals like that? The ones that don't even have to try to make you feel awesome that is just how they see you?
- we literally met on a friend date that began on the internet. like as in "hi we should be pals" on the internet. and then met in a Greek cafe for brunch because brunch is the very best. Duh. In the friend dating circuit? We are now "going steady." Score.
- she doesn't wear makeup unless she is paid and still out of control beautiful.
- she really believes in true love.

- the first time we talked we "went there" and have never gone back
- she pulls out witty one liners like no other:
     - "but I want to be in the show"
     - "things i was not kidding about"
     - "it is not fair to others..."
     - and a strategic use of "too soon?" is included here... out of homage to her genius. and timing.
- i don't even think i need to mention the sense of style thing. or the high fashion kind of beauty thing. or the dancing like a goddess thing. So i won't.
- she does one a-ma-zing impression of el stans
- sometimes she gets so upset about the world and how much she cares about and loves it that she weeps. and she makes you care more.
- she is a poster child for only children gone sooooo right.

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  1. Who would NOT want to be best friends with you?!



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