30 April, 2011

Det. Alexandra Eames' advice to Alexandra Silber

go on... have a cookie...because you are tall...
[At rise: me on the set of Law & Order: Criminal Intent sitting across from Kathryn Erbe who plays Detective Alexandra Eames. It has been a long day. And now there are freshly baked chocolate chip cookies sitting at the food table and the odo(u)r is wafting our way...]

Kathryn Erbe: Cookies! [she turns around with glee] Are you gonna have a cookie?
Me: They have cookies again? [They had cookies yesterday-- is this heaven?!]
KE: They have them every day. And they are hot. And delicious.
Me: I missed them yesterday...
KE: Well, then you should have one today!
Me: I dunno... [I am thinking of myself in these ill-fitting jeans for all the world to see... in HD...]
KE: ["Cookies are serious business" voice] You should have a cookie. You are young.... [she is deadpan] and tall...
Me: ...Okay...
KE: Please. For me.
Me: I promise.
KE: Thank you.

Cookie consumed.


  1. this is how you will henceforth justify all cookie consumption in your life.

  2. I was thinking the same thing. I hope you had 8 cookies...because you're young...and tall...you should have 8.

  3. .... she said "AHOY..." and then I died.

  4. Al, it's like you were IN the movie! ...which I am just about to watch btw. I have a flatmate who HASN'T SEEN IT. What?

  5. SHE SAID AHOY TO YOU? What did you say back? Did you say, I'm a sailor I sail now?

  6. I couldn't say ANYTHING BECAUSE I WAS DEAD!!!

  7. Chillax Al, Death Therapy is highly effective.

  8. I see this has already been covered, I was about to ask if you discussed What About Bob? with her at all. Late to the party, I am. I would probably have walked up to her wearing a puppet made in her likeness on my hand.

    Oh Daddy, NOT HERE!

  9. @Rosie & @Bec - Ahoy. Like Chips Ahoy. Did either of your countries have Chips Ahoy?

    @NotReallyThere I waited 4 days to discuss Bob with her and she was really nice about it. I explained that on my top 10 list of favorite films Bob took up the first three slots and she sort of couldn't quite believe that... it took all my strength to not bring a puppet or ask if she could "get that tomato off there please?"

  10. My country is canadian. We have Chips Ahoy. We even have rainbow Chips Ahoy.

  11. Yes. Available in Australia.... I had to Google that.

  12. Vintage Chips Ahoy - http://youtu.be/ZGlIqjszsR8



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