21 December, 2010

RSAMD: Drama at 60

So. My alma mater, The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (aka The RSAMD)'s School of Drama is 60 years old this year and I was hono(u)red and thrilled to participate in the Drama at 60 campaign.

Scotland is a beautiful country, Glasgow a beautiful city, with blinding creative artists in it-- and I was blessed to train there and will never forget the experience, and those that forever formed and touched my life, at the very beginning of my acting career...

Check out the RSAMD website, the Drama at 60 site, and follow the RSAMD on Twitter to learn more about the college that trained the likes of Alan Cumming, James McAvoy, John Hannah, Ruby Wax, Colin Morgan, Emun Eliot, Billy Boyd, Tony Curran, Richard Wilson, John Doyle, Robert Carlyle, David Tennant, and lil' ol' me (or, as they would say in Scotland-- wee auld me...)



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