31 October, 2010

What I've Been for Halloween: A List

Now. When your mom is a professional costumer and you have constant access to the world of the theatre, Halloween becomes a really serious event. Costumes do NOT just come out of a bag. They build themselves over several weeks (if not months!) and take some serious shape.

Halloween is my favorite holiday-- especially spent here in America. The leaves, the smell of autumn, the dark magical quality. . . Happy Halloween all.


1. A BUNNY. [pictured. you are free to marvel at my cuteness...]

2. Alice (as in, in Wonderland)

3. Mary Poppins (fortuitous rain made the classic Poppins umbrella really effective as well as functional)

4. Football player

5. An angel

6. Tweedle-Dee

7. The Red Queen

8.  Peter Pan

9. Jem (from Jem and The Holograms)— and yes, I was truly truly truly outrageous…

10. Storm (from X-men)-- arguably the most outrageous Halloween party I've ever attended. A Superheros/Super-villains party on tour in Carousel while we were in Plymouth. It ended with almost universal cast and crew despair...

11. Dorothy (great memory of going out with Dad who wanted to be thematic and asked Mom for help with a homemade Tin Man costume of foil...)


  1. Oh my, JEM! I've spent many an evening describing Jem to my flatmates who look at me like a crazy person. I was starting to think the whole fabulosity of Jem was a figment of my imagination - THANK YOU!

  2. you are SO welcome. Yours in Glitter and Gold, x

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10Ow0zAOHhY

  4. OH MY GOD AMAZING!!! Truly truly truly outrageous! I remember I had the dolls which came with little cassettes of the songs, and my mom used to do aerobics to them claiming that The Misfits had better songs for exercising...

  5. I had one of the dolls, too! Her earrings were battery lit but they were kind of annoying because they used these weird little watch batteries...



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