01 August, 2010

I've Been...

Still Adjusting. Still capital A.

Enjoying the cold beverages and dessert treats of summer. Mmmm.

Returning to my beloved Detroit. It's home.

Making my own breakfast cereal (thank you Fran!)

Road-tripping it with Lance! (including chasing a stranger off the road, and a trip to Frankenmuth Christmas Wonderland...)

Returning to Interlochen Arts Camp. "Sounding the call" for the first time in 8 years! I am, and will always be, an Interlochen LIFER— and bleed blue.

Weekending in Conneticuit. (Fine) and spending that time almost exclusively in a hammock.

Adventuring to the beautiful Bershires for the first time, and indulging in picnic-ing to Mahler 4 at Tanglewood

Meeting my idols: (ummm Barbra Cook anyone?!)

Having crazy 'New York' days. Example:
  1. shot a commercial 
  2. came home and went for a long run then 
  3. discovered I had locked myself out of my apartment... so I 
  4. crashed a party on the first floor of my building and 
  5. climbed through their window to 
  6. climb fire escape 4 stories and
  7. BREAK IN to my apartment.  
...Consequently doing a celebratory Ninja dance.

IN. MY. CAVE. (So sorry friends, it is how I cope with difficulty! So appreciative of everyone's patience!)... but really getting to the bottom of some nitty-gritty stuff.

Celebrating 27 years in classic Silber-birthday-induced-anxiety mode.

Enjoying what can only be called Team British Invasion at the very chi chi Bar Centrale. A grand early birthday tête w/ Alexander Hansen, his gorgeous talented wife Samatha Bond, Ruthie, and our shared friend and manger Jeff. [w/Cheno, Lapaglia, Lane, Hayes SJBlock sightings]

...Only to enjoy an incredible cab ride home. The driver drove me "close enough," stopped the meter, then gave me loving, informed tour of Astoria. "Love your home" he said. What a gift.

Loving new friendships (Jill, Kudisch, Brooksher), and renewing old ones (Alley, Dane, Nick, Ari, Alex...)

Booking and filming that commercial babaaaaay...[*celebratory club dancing*]

Journeying by bus! (Ahhhh Americana at it's very... cheapest...)

Enjoying correspondence. (Always a good day when The Bantock drops you an email...)

Celebrating Bastille Day singing at The Metropolitan Room (“Ne Me Quitte Pas” anyone?)

Honoring the journey: One Year. I lived.

Planning and planning Feinstein’s solo cabaret debut. (More information to come!)


  1. Booked? BOOKED? Look at you with your AMERICANISMS. COME BACK HOME!! ;-)

    Well done.

  2. COMMERCIAL: clearly ROCKED it!! is this the one from the other day? the internet-thing? xx

  3. Oh my gosh I have an old-school one of those (the dongle dingy that doesn't work when you get cookie crumbs in your laptop) -- I was going to buy a new one anyway, but I'll wait till your ad comes out and then I'll buy that one and look for some kinda customer-feedback thing and say I only bought it because that fresh, charming, genuine young lady on the TeeVee told me to! Sweet! Congrats missy! xox

  4. thats fabulous my sweet! I cant wait to see you in your fabulous sexy glory! I really want you to send me a video of you doing Eloise! I have told my 5 year old son about you a million times and he has always wanted to see the girl with Eloise and the 'silly tongue thing' ! tee hee! love you sweetheart!

  5. mmmmmmmwAH! BIG kiss on that beautiful face of yours!

  6. I'm so sorry... But I really though it was tome to let you know!!! Just take some time to think it over.... Sometimes our differences make us stronger....

  7. Al, I don't want to be your friend knowing that you befriend people like that. You know how I reacted when I met 'Mr Cranberry'

  8. Congrats on your success-- i knew it way back when--you're a long way from the Thunder Bay.

  9. THIS is exactly the problem with Entourage...Piven is so friggin amazing he makes everyone else look like chumps. They need serious star power to play opposite of him and even then he just steals every scene. The paintball scene in this episode is genius too, good call Alex :)

  10. Hello there Jon!. I am NOT ashamed to admit I watched this episode more than three times... and this scene an unmentionable number of times.


  12. Slumber party?! you don't mean auld Henshall do you?? OMG and other such extreme gay-like comments!! If so, I'm COMPLETELY in awe!!

  13. As Wishee Washee would say. WOW! Ah love her! xx

  14. Al, you make me smile!



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