21 November, 2009

Reflections on a night performing at Lincoln Center...

1. Al Silber = NOT AN OPERA SINGER. (Among 3 hours of opera singing...fine...)

2. Rene Flemming wore a "cape"

3. Jane Fonda licked her fingers and mimicked tears on her face to a girl with partial hearing.

4. Stage Management quote: "Where are we going to find a MUSIC STAND in this building?!"

5. Snagged a free colander from Martha Stewart (to which I replied "I love I love I love my colander, girl!" to... no response... )

6. Howard McGillin rocked a supersonic-fast 'Somethin's Comin''

7. Favorite quote: "They just finished 'Being Alive'"

8. Conclusion: gin was consumed by Lance and I as we strolled through the bowels of Lincoln Center in comic despair...


  1. the Cape-demic is slightly disturbing

  2. Sounded like a good night to me. especially with all of the comical moments that you mentioned. :)

  3. We practice for years to be able to wear capes-the more ridiculous the more successful we've become :P

  4. i've convinced myself that you're only jesting when you say things like "not even remotely an opera singer." if not, we'll have to get your head checked when i come to n.y.c....

  5. "They just finished 'Being Alive'"



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