04 October, 2009

I've been:

writing 6 chapters in 48 hours...
...after a proper writer's freak out
...and sending all of this to poor louise (See: gratitude number 26)

exploring the sublime new york city

being taken to friends' favorite places

rekindling old friendships (leah, michael, dane, nick, kenn, flagg, alex, ari, ben, bergen, santino, jessica, adam, rachel... and so many more) I'm so so lucky!

and discovering new ones
...especially in the unlikeliest of places

kicking professional butt!!

auditioning like a crazy person

...thanks to Jeff, who is showing me such angelic care (and thanks to Ruthie, for introducing us)

seeing great theatre
...in fact opening weeping in the third row centre of bond and wolverine's foray

saying the word "Ninja" a LOT

eating amazing new york food

...and then delighting in walking it off as I fly around the city on foot!

reveling in this fact: peanut butter at my beck and call!

discovering my "inner north" (I DO have a sense of direction!!) as well as a total ease with this great and glorious city

sorting out the "zen" of santino's nederlander dressing room

very VERY cathartic "potato voodoo" with leah

fainting at joe's pub

totally honored by a TMA Award for best performance in a musical, what an utterly unexpected delight!

thinking a great deal about London and how there is, indeed, a life for me there in some way... and how it is so often that one must make a journey to discover these things...

savoring the Jewish high holidays and loving any opportunity for new beginnings

moving forward...


Grace said...


Julia said...

Congratulations on your nomination! It was much deserved. I'm so glad that everything is going well in New York.

ZZ said...

Yes, congradulations indeed!

r4555 said...

I sense a food assessment coming on...

B said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Just seen your nomination. And one for the lovely Anna Franco too. Saw Jules and Tomm last night. We wondered how you were, but suspected you were good. xxxxxx

Tash said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! A well deserved nomination love you and miss you lots xxxxxx

AF said...

Well done lady. You are the greatest. xxx

London Still said...

... and to YOU miss franco :)

Zepheroo said...

Well done me lovely for noms..! x

Kev said...

CONGRATS!!!! Are you going??? I have someone nominated for Best Supporting in a Musical.

So chuffed for you!


Anonymous said...

Hey Al! Hope you are settling into New York life:) xx

SB said...

Wow!!! I know that's going to be a theme here. :) WOW!! SO cool!!


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